CCCoders Update and details of second meetup

Hi All,

As you may have noticed, there’s no Climate Change Coders meetup scheduled yet for March.  I’m looking into possibilities re maybe doing a hack evening instead and will let you know if that turns out to be the case.  In April we may be doing an evening at the Friends of the Earth offices, but the details have yet to be worked out.

If you missed our last meeting please check out the details of the two projects presented (including videos) here:-

Friends Of The Earth Open Source Mapping Project –

The DoNation Impact Web Page (basically Data Visualisation work) –

If you want to get involved in either of these projects just email me using my members page at

I got an email yesterday from someone organising an interesting political hack day this Sunday.  It’s related to climate change because the budget obviously is tightly coupled with climate change policy, so this is why I’m forwarding it onto the group.  I looked at what they had made previously and it includes the following page:-

which includes the following text about climate change:-

“Step four: burn the environment to a cinder.  If you really want to make a meal of the global economy, there’s one more crucial step. Completely forget about the new jobs you could be creating to help us move towards greener industry and allow the temperature gauge to keep on rising.  The key to cooking up a truly global economic crisis is climate change. We live in leaky houses (a quarter of us living in fuel poverty), and meanwhile we leave the energy system supplying our homes dangerously fossil fuel dependent (Just last week we lost a £4bn wind farm investment because of government policy).”

Good stuff 🙂  So, if you fancy getting involved, please go along on Sunday.





This Sunday 16st March the New Economy Organisers Network (NEON) is running a Budget Hack Day between 10am and 6pm at the 10:10 Head Offices, 8a Delancey Passage, London NW1 7NN, and we’d love you to come.


To explain NEON is a network of people from NGOs, trade unions, faith groups, grassroots groups, the media and politics united by the fact that they’re sick and tired of economics as usual, and are looking to replace our neoliberal economic system with one that works for the common good.


Within NEON is a group called NEON Digital – coders, web designers, communications people and digital campaigners interested in trying to change the online conversation about politics and economics. Last December we ran a hack day with them to counter some of the messages in George Osborne’s Autumn Statement. With only a small group of people on the day participants made, among other things:

· A fake letter from the CEO of Foxtons which made the Guardian live blog on the day of the Autumn Statement.

· A Great British Time Bomb spoof Tumblr which has social media reach in the tens of thousands.

· A Buzzfeed on why the Conservative Party works in the interests of the rich.

Building on the success of the last time we’re looking to produce some more imaginative counters to theBudget announcement next week, whether websites, blogs or infographics.


George Osborne will talk up predictions that economic growth is returning to pre-recession levels, when we know the real story is that this ‘recovery’ is fuelled by a housing bubble, driven by ‘Help to Buy’ and rises in household debt while average real earnings have continued to fall.


We’ll be providing a bit of political and economic analysis for inspiration, but mostly the day will be devoted to building and designing stuff, so do come with ideas, even if you don’t think they are directly related to the Budget.


Hack the Budget

Sunday 16th March


10:10 Head Offices, 8a Delancey Passage, London NW1 7NN

With economic expertise from James Meadway, Senior Economist, nef

Unlimited free pizza, snacks and drinks for all participants

(Let us know if you have any dietary requirements)



Cheers, please do RSVP at so we can get a sense of numbers and look forward to seeing you Sunday.


CCCoders Update and Report on first meetup

21 people attended the first Climate Change Coders meetup last Wednesday, 10 of whom expressed an interest in doing some work in the next month or so. We did a straw poll and of those people 2 had a couple of hours spare and the rest said they thought that, given the right project, they would have about a day available over the coming month. So roughly 8 days of person-time available for climate change organisations to use, which is a great start to the project. Malachi Chadwick, Content and Community Manager at 10:10, gave an interesting talk about the projects that we could help them with, including a Solar Schools project and one where members of the public can get help creating a letter to their MP online. Unfortunately there were technical problems that meant the talk could not be recorded, and also I’m talking with Mal about getting more details of the projects that we can share with the group.

You can read more about it, including some of the comments from members, in the CCCoders Meeting 2014 01 08 – Post Meeting Report and view the first part of the meeting on youtube here.

I have set up a Google Group called CCCoders Active Volunteers for those 10 people to use to collaborate and work out what they are going to do. If you have some time to spare over the next month to do tech tasks for climate change organisations you can apply to join the group at:-!forum/cccoders-active-volunteers

The group is publicly viewable so feel free to browse the discussions to see what we are getting up to 🙂

CCCoders member Andy Benson has already started work on improving the CCCoders website, for details see Comments in

We are communicating with 10:10 and Friends of the Earth to work out some small tasks we can start helping them out with and we have started discussing with Freegle in this forum how we can help them. We also have some tasks that people can work on for CCCoders internally, including improving our website, publicity and filming the next meeting. Go to to get involved in those tasks.

Our next meeting *was* going to be on the 5th February but due to tube strikes I have moved it two weeks later to Wednesday 19th February. We will be having talks from Hermione Taylor,
Founding Director of The DoNation and from Wendy Yuen, Major Campaign Co-ordinator at Friends of the Earth + Duncan Walker, Analyst in IT team at Friends of the Earth. They will be telling us about projects we can work on with them and we’ll be discussing how best to help them after their talks.

Also, please check out the meetup of our partner group – London Cleanweb, this Tuesday. The question being asked is – what can UX do for the planet? Cleanweb are a group with very similar aims to CCCoders and have monthly meetups “for people working with the clean, green, web. Energy, sustainability, technology and (normally) a few beers. Part of the wider Cleanweb UK movement.”

Looking forward to working with you this month and seeing you at the next meeting.


First Climate Change Coders meeting to be held in Shoreditch, London.

The first Climate Change Coders meetup, on Wednesday 8th January 2014 7pm, will be hosted at the Shoreditch Village Hall. This is a great, brand new venue that the London Cleanweb meetup also use. It’s 5 minutes walk from Old Street train and tube station and it has room for up to 200 people (so with 30 we’ll have plenty of space). It’s got screens, a sound system and kettles so we can have tea and coffee in the break half way through 🙂

You can find the address and see the newly posted schedule for the meeting at the meetup web page. If you are *really* curious ahead of time to know what we’ll be talking about I’ve posted my detailed notes about what we’re going to be talking about here and after the meeting will be adding any important details of what other people said during the meeting (like minutes, but not quite as detailed) 🙂

After, we’ll being going for food and/or drinks to a pub 1 minutes walk away called the Electricity Showrooms at 39A HOXTON SQUARE, SHOREDITCH, LONDON N1 6NN.  I’ve booked two tables for 9pm in the back room under name Stephen.  Food orders taken only up until 9:30pm.

Looking forward to seeing you there, or if you can’t make it join in by watching the live webcast at and chipping in with your thoughts by tweeting @cccoders, or watch the video after to see what you missed.

CCCoders after one month

Climate Change Coders has been going for about a month now and has 63 members, with 23 people having RSVPed to the first meetup on Wednesday Jan 8th 2014. If you’re thinking of coming please RSVP now so we can pick a suitably sized venue. A couple of the venues can only fit 40, so if you leave it the last minute we may not have spaces. If you can’t make it then join the live webcast or watch the recording after at

There’s a lot to say about the first month of CCCoders, but if you’re tight on time just read the summary here…


  • First CCCoders project completed by Dani Nebot! A Google Spreadsheet with all of the CCCoders member details in it that is auto compiled using the public API. Have a look at 
  • I’ve been in communication with people from Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and The DoNation and we’ve got someone from 10:10 speaking at the first meeting.
  • We’re now on Facebook, WordPress and Twitter.
  • We’ve now got a free 2,000 user Open Source JIRA server we can use for organising projects/tasks and a Bitbucket git server for source control.
  • – On the JIRA at there are now new tasks for CCCoders that you can start working on, even before the first meeting. Skills required – web design, film/multimedia, sysad/cloud and publicity (i.e. web browsing/searching).
  • I’ve created a bunch of Google Docs about publicity, open sourcing code, tracking projects, applying to CCCoders for help and researching webcasting. See

Going to be doing:-

  • Finalising the venue in the week before the 8th Jan meeting, based on the number of RSVPs we get.
  • Working out how to film and record webcast.
  • Working out ways of organising work in the group, including taking ideas from you (please email me).
  • Contacting climate change organisations to tell them about us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are going to be filming and live webcasting the first meetup. If you don’t want to be filmed please let me know beforehand so we can try to keep the camera away from you (probably best if you don’t ask questions though!)

That’s the quick summary. For more details – scroll down. Otherwise – have a good Christmas and hope to you on the 8th….

CCCoders Organiser.


First project

Dani ( saw my request in my first update email for some help automating the process of keeping our CCCoders Skills Google Docs spreadsheet up to date and offered to work on it for me. He developed a Google script that pulls data from a meteor javascript webserver script which in turns pulls data from the public API (see The end result is this spreadsheet here – which is a really useful document as you can do a quick find to look for people who know e.g. Javascript (10 of them) or work for e.g. Friends of the Earth (2 of them) or who are architects (2 of them). So well done Dani and thanks for giving up some of your weekends to work on this. 🙂


The 63 people who have joined the CCCoders group come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We’ve got a lot of people who have been involved in climate change groups or have been activists themselves and worked on climate change related websites already. We’ve got a wide range of tech skills and programming languages covered and some people who don’t have tech skills but are linked to climate change organisations. I’m really impressed with the people who have signed up and am looking forward to working together with you all.

Talking to climate change organisations

I’ve been talking to:-

  • Malachi Chadwick, a member of CCCoders and the Content and Community Manager of 10:10 ( He has agreed to give us a quick talk about projects we could help 10:10 with at our first meeting.
  • Nic Seton, Community Strategist at Greenpeace (, about ways we could help them and hope to be talking further with people from Greenpeace in the New Year.
  • Hermione Taylor, a member of CCCoders and Founding Directory of The DoNation, has agreed to give us a talk about projects we can work on for them in our second meeting in February.
  • the Major Campaign Co-ordinator of Friends of the Earth, who is very keen to use us for development and news ideas, and has asked a FotE dev to come along to our 8th Jan meeting 🙂

Social media

As it says on the updated website – you can now follow us on Twitter using @cccoders, see us on Facebook at and you can follow blog updates at

JIRA Issue tracker

I applied for an open source license for an On Demand (i.e. they host it) version of the JIRA issue tracking system and they gave it to us, free. Go to to have a look. It is linked to the git source code repository server at which now has a test repository and the repository for the CCCoders members’ skills spreadsheet project.

Things for you to do

Even before we get working on projects for climate change organisations there are some tasks that you can help CCCoders out with. To get involved either email me or sign up for JIRA at!default.jspa and comment on the issue.

I know we have plenty of members who have web design experience so it would be great if someone could help improve the look of our website, after all – we don’t want to be like the plumber with a leaky tap! More details at

If anyone has experience or equipment that would be relevant to filming and live webcasting CCCoder meetings then please have a look at If I haven’t got a better alternative I’ll use my mac’s webcam to film it, but I’m really interested to hear from anyone who has wireless microphones or wireless headsets we can use so that people in the group can be heard. Also I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has run live webcasts before because this will be my first one, and I’m planning on using Google Hangouts On Air for it.

Once we get going we’re going to be doing a lot of online collaboration in groups and so I’ve been looking into group Instant Message systems. I found a free one called Kandan and have created an issue at for setting it up in the cloud, if anyone has cloud/sysad experience. Also if you know of another good cheap/free alternative then please comment on that issue or email me.

Finally, and this could be done by any member, I’m interested in getting help publicising CCCoders – and especially getting as many people outside London to join the first meetup via webcast. The issue for that is Even if you just spend 10 minutes emailing, IMing, facebooking, texting, phoning and twittering out the following sentence that would be great:-
“Fancy hacking some code to save the planet in your spare time? If so check out First meetup Jan 8th 2014 7pm.”
If you know someone who does publicity/marketing for a living and think they might be interested in helping out for an hour or two – that could be good too!

Live webcast of the first meeting

If you can’t physically make it to the meetup but are still interested then you will be able to join us using a live webcast, or you will be able to watch a recording of the meeting afterwards online. To join the webcast either follow us on Twitter using @cccoders and we will post a link to the live video feed when we start it, or go to our youtube channel at where you will see a live video feed appear when we start, or join our Google+ Climate Change Coders Community at and sign up for this Google+ Event – CCCoders First London Meetup at

Shared Google Docs

I’ve created some Google Docs and shared them publicly at:-

They include:-

How to organise CCCoders

We’re going to be discussing how to organise CCCoders at the first meeting, but I would be interested in anyone’s ideas ahead of the meeting if you want to email me with them. I’m thinking it may be simplest just to have people work on whatever project they are interested in and we provide the tools to make joining/leaving a project easy and facilitate communication within a team. Plus some guidelines about how to do work in a project and tools to make doing that work easier. I want to be taking a hands off approach as much as possible, but I also want to be able to help people get doing things as well. It is definitely going to be an evolving process and we’re not going to get it right straight away.

Guest speaker from 10:10 at CCCoders first London meetup/webcast

Climate Change Coders are going to be having their first meetup on Wednesday 8th January 2014 at 7:00pm GMT.   The event will be physically located in London (venue yet tbd) and people from across the globe will be able to join via webcast.  We will be introducing ourselves, discussing tactics and hearing from one or two climate change organisations about projects they would like us to work on, including 10:10 ( – the group who work together with people to cut their carbon emissions by 10% in one year.  For more details see “The meetup and live webcast” section at 

CCCoders go live with free JIRA site

Great news for the Climate Change Coders group.  Atlassian approved our application for an Open Source On Demand JIRA server instance and so now we can organise our Open Source projects at  We can have up to 2,000 signed up users and members of the public can view and comment on projects/issues without having a login.   JIRA is a great tool for tracking and planning tasks/projects and is closely integrated with the Atlassian BitBucket git repository system, so you can link every issue with all of the source code commits relating to that issue.   It is also a really good way of implementing Scrum.  Most of the Apache projects, including Lucene/Solr use JIRA for issue tracking – see and lots of companies including Ebay, Twitter, Cisco and LinkedIn use it.